Have Fun with Family Scavenger Hunts Around Quantico

March 15, 2013


What do you think of when you hear ‘scavenger hunt’? Do you think of time spent with family rummaging through books or magazines? How about venturing outdoors in search of certain natural treasures? Both of these conceptual explanations for a scavenger hunt are correct; in fact, it can be more or less.

So, how about scheduling an afternoon of fun scavenger hunts for the family! Here are a couple of different types to get you brainstorming, and then you can put your own twists on them. Check them out:

  • Story Scavenger Hunt. Collect old newspapers and magazines and put them in the middle of the floor. Each family member is given a piece of paper (preferably construction), glue and scissors. Have each person draw slips of paper with topics on them from a bowl. Each slip has a topic that they must write a story about using only words that can be cut out of the old newspapers and magazines. Have a certain cut-off time and have each person read their story. Choose who the judge is and have them choose the winners of several areas and award certificates like “Most Words Used”, “Most Creative”, “Best Plot”, and so on.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt. This is the perfect scavenger hunt for warm, spring weather when flowers and plants are in bloom and the chirps are sweet and innocent. The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center has the perfect outline for a nature scavenger hunt–check it out.

You can find even more types of scavenger hunts at FamilyCapers.com. Be sure to let us know how things turn out on our Facebook page.



photo courtesy of flickr

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