Remembering 9-11: Twelve Years Later

September 11, 2013


We’re going on 12 years since the tragic events in New York City that ended with close to 3,000 deaths. It’s something that we hope never happens again, but we must not forget our past or we’ll never know where we’re going. So, what are you doing to celebrate Patriot Day?

September 11th has since been deemed a National Day of Service, meaning you can volunteer around the community or just simply go pick up trash around the neighborhood. This opportunity gives you a chance to do some reflecting on the time that has since passed.

There have been thousands of 9/11 memorials built around the Nation, so if you’ve been considering a visit to one there are a few in Virginia. The September 11th Families’ Association has a list of many of them; check it out and decide which ones you’re going to see!

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photo courtesy of mrgefile

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