Canning Your Surplus Fruits and Veggies

September 20, 2013


Did you grow your own fruits and veggies this year and now have a surplus? Well, don’t fret because canning them is easier than you think and the results are amazing. As long as you follow best practices for canning you’ll have delicious preserved fruits and/or vegetables for the next year.

Beware of spoilage and contamination when you’re canning. In fact, take a gander at the below proper practices:

  • carefully selecting and washing fresh food,
  • peeling some fresh foods,
  • hot packing many foods,
  • adding acids (lemon juice or vinegar) to some foods,
  • using acceptable jars and self-sealing lids,
  • processing jars in a boiling-water or pressure canner for the correct period of time

For more general canning information, be sure to visit the National Center for Home Food Preservation. They have all the answers not only for canning, but freezing, pickling, and curing & smoking.

Let us know when the fruits and veggies are ready–we’d love to see some pictures!


photo courtesy of mrgefile

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