Calling All Quantico Pet Owners: February Is Responsible Pet Owners Month! Here’s How to Do Your Part!

February 11, 2015

Cleaning the litter box, taking Spot for walks, visits to the vet… These are routine duties associated with pet ownership, but as any responsible pet owner will tell you, there's a lot more to the job than that!

That's why the month of February has been declared Responsible Pet Owners Month — a time for pet owners to double-check that their pet is receiving the care and attention he or she deserves. For prospective pet owners, the month presents an opportunity to honestly answer the question "Am I ready for this responsibility?"

If you're already sharing your home at Quantico with a dog or cat, and you'd like to participate in Responsible Pet Owners Month, here are some ways to get in on the action!

1) Take your pet to the vet.
Your dog or cat should visit the vet at least once a year. Not only does the visit keep your pet up-to-date with shots and medicines, it also helps ensure that diseases don't go untreated. Remember: Pets can't tell you when they're sick! And in many cases, they might not even be in discomfort. Getting your pet spayed or neutered should also be part of his or her healthcare routine. This helps control the animal population while also helping to prevent potential behavioral issues.

2) Get those four legs moving.
Dogs, especially high-energy breeds, require plenty of exercise, while brainy pups benefit from mental stimulation. Take your dog for walks or runs, or play training games with him. This will help ensure that your dog doesn't become overweight, which could lead to health issues, but it also helps discourage behavioral issues that stem from boredom and excess energy. Cats need exercise, too, so get out those laser pointers!

3) Pet your pet.
You probably already treat Fido and Frisky to the tastiest pet food and the coziest bed, but remember to also treat him or her to some one-on-one time. We don't know of many pets who wouldn't appreciate a gentle pat on the head or a rub behind the ears!

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