Have You Heard of ‘Our Military Kids,’ a Nonprofit Benefiting Military Children? Read More About It Here, Quantico Residents!

March 31, 2015

Whether your spouse was recently deployed for the first time, or you've said goodbye too many times to count, being separated from your loved ones is never easy. This is especially true for children of military parents. In fact, according to Our Military Kids, a nonprofit organization serving military children, "four out of five children of Reservists have increased anxiety during a deployment." The stress is also shared by children of fallen military parents or parents recovering from war zone injuries.

The organization provides grants to military children between ages 3 and the 12th grade so that they have the resources needed to participate in extracurriculars — sports, art classes, camp, and homework help — that help ease anxiety and promote mental and physical well-being (click here for application info). It's all part of the Our Military Kids mission: "to relieve the stress of separation from a parent by providing a positive distraction, minimizing emotional destabilization, building self esteem, and enabling academic achievement."

Outside its mission, the Our Military Kids website proves to be an excellent resource for military parents — including those of you living at Quantico. The Family Resources page, for example, lists websites that may be of interest to military parents, while blog posts from licensed therapist Erin Metheny share professional advice to help military families navigate stressful situations.

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