Seeking a Military Spouse or Child Scholarship? Start Your Search Here, Quantico Residents!

March 31, 2015

While life as a military spouse or child is not without its sacrifices, that doesn't mean it's totally devoid of any perks. Case in point: scholarships and assistance programs — funded by the federal government, non-profit and private organizations, and other sources — that are only extended to the immediate family of service members and veterans.

These programs help ease financial burdens so that military children and spouses can achieve success in academics and other areas of life, and contrary to what you may believe, your road to eligibility isn't blocked by red tape, nor are these scholarships difficult to find. One good place to start your search is by using's Scholarship Finder tool, which allows you to input information about the scholarship applicant to reveal custom-tailored results. Best of all, you can do it right from your computer at Quantico!

For more information and to help you in your search for potential scholarship programs, see the links below — and good luck!:

Federal Student Aid [U.S. Department of Education]
Financial Aid for Veterans and their Dependents [FinAid]
Fisher House Military Scholarships [Fisher House™ Foundation, Inc. ]
Our Military Kids Grants [Our Military Kids]
Military Spouse and Family Educational Assistance Programs []
Locating Scholarships and Financial Assistance for Military Students [Military OneSource]

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