Learn How to Geocache With Your Kids Near Quantico

June 1, 2015

Orienteering may be a dying pastime with the invention of smartphones, but a fun family activity has popped up to take its place: geocaching. Instead of using technology to further disconnect people from nature, geocaching enlists GPS-enabled electronics to get folks right out in the thick of wooded areas and local parks. Families simply have to follow a set of coordinates to a predetermined location, find the geocache, and sign the logbook tucked inside of it to prove that they made it there. Sometimes you'll even discover treats and treasures inside the geocache, left for you by previous adventurers.

The engaging new game is all orchestrated by geocaching.com. Sign up for a free basic membership to track down spots to geocache in your area. In the region surrounding Quantico alone, there are more than 100 geocaches just waiting to be discovered. So get started exploring now, because it's going to take some time to unearth them all!

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