What Do You Know About Flag Day, Quantico? Read Fun Facts About the Holiday Here!

June 1, 2015

We all know that Betsy Ross purportedly crafted our nation's flag, but what else do you know about the Stars and Stripes and its annual holiday, Flag Day, held on June 14? Read on for some fun facts about Flag Day!

1) Schoolteacher Bernard J. Cigrand is credited for the first observance of Flag Day on June 14, 1885, 108 years after Congress officially declared the Stars and Stripes to be our nation's flag. In the ensuing years, Cigrand championed for an official holiday to recognize the flag.

2) Presidents Wilson and Coolidge both issued proclamations calling for a nationwide day of observance for the flag, but it was President Harry Truman who signed the holiday into law on August 3, 1949.

3) To celebrate Flag Day, you could discuss what Old Glory means to you, attend a parade or ceremony, and, of course, fly the flag! This article on Military.com outlines the proper etiquette of displaying the Stars and Stripes as declared by the The U.S. Flag Code. For instance, the flag may only be displayed between sun-up and sun-down, unless it's properly illuminated during the night. Flags on a single staff or lanyard must be positioned higher than all other flags, and when displayed in a row, the American flag should always be positioned on the observer’s left.

4) When disposing of or storing away the flag, it must be neatly folded in the customary triangle shape.

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