How You Can Help Ease the PCS Transition for Your Children, Quantico Residents!

July 17, 2015

Did you know that the "average military child moves six to nine times between kindergarten and high school graduation"? That's the statistic provided by the National Military Family Association, and it more or less tells us what we already know: Moving is a painful, but unavoidable, reality of military life. Still, there are ways we can help ease the PCS transition for our children. Here are just a few:

1) Be all ears.
Your child will surely — and understandably — have some apprehension, anxiety, and sadness to work through as the move date approaches. Remind your child that their emotions are warranted, and that you're available should they wish to talk or just vent. If they don't want to talk, that's okay, too!

2) Make them part of the process.
Involve your children in the action of packing boxes and other pre-move tasks. That way, they'll be able to assert some control over the immediate situation. Tell them all about where you'll be moving to, and invite them to brainstorm ways they'd like to decorate their new room.

3) Help them say goodbye.
Emotions can cloud judgment, so request that your child makes a list of people they'd like to say goodbye to. Help see to it that no goodbyes are overlooked and that email and physical addresses are exchanged before your departure.

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