Tips for Staying Active in the New Year!

February 16, 2017

If your motivation for your New Year's resolution is starting to wan, you may need some help to keep going with your new, healthy habits. Here are just a few tips for staying active in the new year.

  • Create a routine. Instead of working out whenever you feel like it, plan to exercise at a certain time each day. This way, it will become just another habit rather than something that you have to make time for when you're free.
  • Enlist a support group. Start exercising with a buddy or share your workout tips with a family member. If you're not so alone in your goals, you can hold yourself accountable and even have someone to vent to when the going gets tough.
  • Get enough rest. Go to bed at the same time each night and wake up early each morning. Getting enough rest will make you feel much more motivated to exercise, and if you're the type of person who likes to get your workout in early, it will leave you with enough time to go for a jog or hit a yoga class before your day begins.
  • Stick to a nutritious diet. Even if your New Year's resolution doesn't involve dieting, you'll still want to eat nutrient-rich foods in order to stay fit and active. Fill your meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy whole grains and lean proteins to keep your energy levels up.
  • Monitor your achievements. There are a number of ways to track your fitness achievements that don't involve the numbers on a scale. Instead, keep track of how fast you can run a mile, or reward yourself when you go down a pant size.
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