Decorate your Doorstep: Fall Edition!

September 19, 2017

Decorate your door step with some of these fall inspired crafts!

Fall Basket

You'll need:

  • Bushel basket
  • Fall Leaves
  • Garland
  • 20 Count String Lights
  • Plastic Pumpkin and/or Gourds

Place pumpkin in bushel basket, and add leaf garland and string lights around pumpkin.

Polka Dot Pumpkin Porch Display

You'll need:

  • Wide Orange Ribbon
  • Small and Large Hay Bale
  • Two Pumpkins
  • Acrylic Paint

Tie ribbon around both hay bales horizontally making a bow in front. Place small hay bale on top on bigger hay bale. Paint polka dots on both pumpkins. Place 1 pumpkin on top of small hay bale and another pumpkin in the free space on the bigger hay bale.

Front Porch Signs

You'll Need:

  • 1 Piece of Pallet Wood (4×4)
  • Wood Stain
  • Acrylic Paint (to paint your own letters)

Stain your piece of pallet wood. Once dry, paint on your saying going vertical. Some examples: "Welcome" "25 Cent Pumpkins" "Fall" "Harvest" or "Gather".

Public Domain/Pixabay/nayuta
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