Hearts and Hearts: An Event for You and Your Kids

If you have kids then you know that Valentine’s Day is no longer all about you and your spouse. You can honestly say that your love has brought something special and at the least something tangible that you can see and touch–a child! So, what better way to celebrate that love than with an event spent with […]


So what’s this whole bring your own utensils talk, you ask? It’s an event scheduled to take place on Thursday, February 7th that you’re invited to! That’s all I can tell you, but it sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it!? Okay, okay…I’ll give you a little more information on it, but this really is all I […]

Quantico’s Halloween Pet Contest

If you happen to dress your pet annually for Halloween you might have more of a reason to do so this year than just the mere fact that they look adorable when done up. The Quantico installation is hosting a Halloween Pet Contest on Facebook! Take a gander at the details below: Contest will take […]

Quantico’s End of October Events

As we move toward the end of the month, we’ve got a few events taking place that you might want to take note of. Of course, Halloween is a favorite of the kiddies, but we even have some for the heads of the household (although they may not be as fun as trick or treating). […]

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