How You Can Help Ease the PCS Transition for Your Children, Quantico Residents!

Did you know that the "average military child moves six to nine times between kindergarten and high school graduation"? That's the statistic provided by the National Military Family Association, and it more or less tells us what we already know: Moving is a painful, but unavoidable, reality of military life. Still, there are ways we […]

Have You Heard of ‘Our Military Kids,’ a Nonprofit Benefiting Military Children? Read More About It Here, Quantico Residents!

Whether your spouse was recently deployed for the first time, or you've said goodbye too many times to count, being separated from your loved ones is never easy. This is especially true for children of military parents. In fact, according to Our Military Kids, a nonprofit organization serving military children, "four out of five children […]

February Is National Children’s Dental Health Month, Quantico Residents! Here’s How to Help Your Kids Brush Up On Their Oral Hygiene!

Baseball practice. Video games. Homework. Playdates. If you asked your child to list his daily priorities, chances are that toothbrushing would be pretty low on his list! That's exactly why the American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors National Children's Dental Health Month every February. This month-long campaign intends to spread awareness about the importance of oral […]

What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions for 2015, Quantico Residents?

Happy New Year, Quantico residents! Can you believe we're already mid-way into January? We can't, either! The rapid passing of time has us reflecting on those New Year's resolutions we made before the ball drop. Some are going to be easier to keep than others, of course, but if we had to narrow down our […]

Be Prepared for Winter Storms at Quantico with These Tips from

Winter officially begins just a few weeks from now, but it's not too soon to prepare for the possibility of adverse winter weather near Quantico. If you're not sure where to start, has some helpful advice to get set for winter snow and ice: Preparing for Storms In addition to useful tips like creating […]

DIY Holiday Craft and Decor Projects for Your Quantico Home

Want to spruce up your space to prep for the holidays? You don't have to spend a lot of money to decorate your Quantico home in the spirit of the season. DIY crafts and decorations off inexpensive — and fun! — ways to make your home more festive. Here are two places to find DIY […]

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