Remembering 9-11: Twelve Years Later

We’re going on 12 years since the tragic events in New York City that ended with close to 3,000 deaths. It’s something that we hope never happens again, but we must not forget our past or we’ll never know where we’re going. So, what are you doing to celebrate Patriot Day? September 11th has since […]

Community Service Events for You!

We know that there are times in your military lives when your family gets orders to report to an entirely different region, having to pick up and and relocate. We all know this can be tough on the family, especially the kids, but we strive to make the transition as easy as possible. Living on […]

Get Ready for the Resident Satisfaction Survey–We Strive for 5!

This month we are focusing on “It’s all about you..Our Residents”.  So, each week we are going to focus on something that we can highlight, and spread the word about the different services and events we offer. We will begin with the Resident Satisfaction Survey – Strive for 5! The Resident Satisfaction Survey is coming your […]

Don’t Miss ‘Kids in the Kitchen’ (Without the Mess)

Communication is key in any relationship no matter the dynamic, and the communication between adults and kids is as important as any. We’re hosting an event with FOCUS that will encourage and help communication with kids and it’s appropriately called  Kids in the Kitchen (with FOCUS). This event takes place on Thursday, February 28, from 4:30 pm – […]


So what’s this whole bring your own utensils talk, you ask? It’s an event scheduled to take place on Thursday, February 7th that you’re invited to! That’s all I can tell you, but it sounds pretty exciting doesn’t it!? Okay, okay…I’ll give you a little more information on it, but this really is all I […]

Family Fun Events in the Quantico Area

Just a quick 25 minute drive from Quantico is an astonishing establishment known just a hundred years ago as a work camp. Today, we know it as Workhouse Arts Center, and their events calendar is always full of both family and couple activities. It behooves you to take a look at their calendar–don’t regret not […]

Tips for Entertaining During the Holidays on a Budget!

  We all know it can be quite difficult to entertain friends and family during the holidays, especially if people expect it of you. But, you don’t have to break the bank this holiday season to regale with the best of them; there are ways to maximize your “entertainment budget.” Don’t fret folks, because I’m […]

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