Canning Your Surplus Fruits and Veggies

Did you grow your own fruits and veggies this year and now have a surplus? Well, don’t fret because canning them is easier than you think and the results are amazing. As long as you follow best practices for canning you’ll have delicious preserved fruits and/or vegetables for the next year. Beware of spoilage and […]

Quantico Labor Day Hours & More

We want to remind all residents that the Housing Office will be closed Monday, September 2, in observance of Labor Day. We wish you all a safe and funny Labor Day Weekend complete with delicious food and great times with friends and family! Soak in this last leg of summer–it’ll be fall before we know it. Keep an eye […]

Father’s Day Casino Night

As soon as Mother’s Day passes you know Father’s Day isn’t too far behind, as it should be. I don’t know what you have planned for Sunday, June 16, but be sure to come out to our Father’s Day Casino Night to at least preface your planned activities. Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 8, […]

Mother’s Day Crafts with the Kids

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it and you definitely don’t want to forget about mom! Dads, I don’t know what you have planned, but involving the kids could top the cake this year. Check out a few crafts you can do with the little ones to make this year the best so […]

Get Ready for the Resident Satisfaction Survey–We Strive for 5!

This month we are focusing on “It’s all about you..Our Residents”.  So, each week we are going to focus on something that we can highlight, and spread the word about the different services and events we offer. We will begin with the Resident Satisfaction Survey – Strive for 5! The Resident Satisfaction Survey is coming your […]

Easter Activities to do with the Kids

Contrary to popular belief, Easter isn’t always celebrated in the month of April. Take the year 2013 for example, it’s actually going to fall on Sunday, March 31st. Once you’ve gotten over that little surprising fact, let’s get into what you can do with the kids this year to celebrate the holiday! Dyeing Easter Eggs […]

Give Do-It-Yourself Art For Your Wall a Shot

You can be the absolute worst artist in the world and can still produce wonderful pieces of art to hang around your home. You really can create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces of art to decorate your home; it’s simpler than you think, just look at the following examples: Use masking tape to create a geometric, abstract […]

Starting a Book Club in Your Community

I’d never contemplated joining or starting a book club until I heard Oprah talk so passionately about her’s–guilty. I’m not ashamed to admit it; I think it’s an awesome idea and opportunity to really open up the mind to other’s interpretations of a book. It’s almost like being back in Language Arts class…almost. If you […]

Setting Your New Year’s Resolutions and Achieving Your Goals

We’ve made it to see another year, so you know what that means–resolutions all around! Whether you make a list of goals for 2013, or one general achievement you’d like to accomplish, there are always a few surefire ways to make them a reality. Keep reading for tips on sticking to your New Year’s resolution, […]

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