Canning Your Surplus Fruits and Veggies

Did you grow your own fruits and veggies this year and now have a surplus? Well, don’t fret because canning them is easier than you think and the results are amazing. As long as you follow best practices for canning you’ll have delicious preserved fruits and/or vegetables for the next year. Beware of spoilage and […]

Remembering 9-11: Twelve Years Later

We’re going on 12 years since the tragic events in New York City that ended with close to 3,000 deaths. It’s something that we hope never happens again, but we must not forget our past or we’ll never know where we’re going. So, what are you doing to celebrate Patriot Day? September 11th has since […]

Quantico Labor Day Hours & More

We want to remind all residents that the Housing Office will be closed Monday, September 2, in observance of Labor Day. We wish you all a safe and funny Labor Day Weekend complete with delicious food and great times with friends and family! Soak in this last leg of summer–it’ll be fall before we know it. Keep an eye […]

Quantico Orienteering Club–Fun with a Map and Compass

Do something different as we move into fall. I don’t know, maybe a little orienteering to shake things up a bit. Attend a local event with friends and family, take turns at finding wilderness checkpoints with your map and powers of observation, and share your adventures afterward. At least that’s what the Quantico Orienteering Club […]

Community Yard Sale–This Weekend!

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” You’ve heard the old adage numerous times and it’s been said for decades for a reason–it’s true. People have literally found treasures at yard sales that have gone to fetch a fortune. Now I’m not saying that’ll happen to you, but you just might find that item you’ve been […]

Don’t Miss Quanitco’s Community Yard Sale!

Do you have gently used clothing and/or items that are in good shape lying around the house just cluttering your space? Well, you have the opportunity to get rid of them at the Quantico Community Yard Sale on Saturday, August 24. Join us from 8:00 a.m.—12: 00 p.m. in front of the Family Center (Rain Location—Party […]

Living Green Tips: Saving Energy–Proper Use of Air Conditioners

Every time you use a home appliance you are making a decision that affects the environment. You may not realize just how big a difference each of us can make by taking energy use into account in our household maintenance decisions. In fact, using your appliances in an energy efficient way is one way you can immediately reduce […]

Thomason Park: Named for the “Kipling of the Corps”

John W. Thomason Jr. was a triple threat. First and foremost, JWT always considered himself a Marine, and he was a good one particularly after service in France with the venerable 4th Brigade. With his writings and illustrations, during the disastrous 1920s and ’30s, he managed to keep the idea as well as the name of […]

Welcome to your Neighborhood–John Quick Housing At Quantico

John H. Quick was born 20 June 1870, in Charlestown, West Virginia, and enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, 10 August 1892, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He served continuously in the Corps on board naval vessels and ashore in all parts of the world until 20 November 1918, when he as placed on the retired list. At […]

Quantico’s McHugh Woods is Named After Whom?

From 29 June 1962 through 16 July 1965, Major Thomas J. McHugh served as the 3rd Sergeant Major of the Marine. Sergeant Major McHugh was born 23 December  1919 in New York City, the son of the late Peter and Bridget Porter McHugh, immigrants from Scotland and Ireland, respectively. He grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,  where he […]

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