Quantico Orienteering Club–Fun with a Map and Compass

Do something different as we move into fall. I don’t know, maybe a little orienteering to shake things up a bit. Attend a local event with friends and family, take turns at finding wilderness checkpoints with your map and powers of observation, and share your adventures afterward. At least that’s what the Quantico Orienteering Club […]

The Kids’ Crew is in Full Effect!

Like all other events provided by your Community Services Department, Kids’ Crew is open only to residents and is totally free. So, look inside your newsletter and see what events are coming your way. Then, kick back and join us for a summer of laughter, entertainment, and relaxation! We hope you had fun at the All American Pool Party and […]

How to Start Your Own Herb Garden

Being able to grow and use your own fresh herbs in a meal is a satisfying moment. Not only is it self-fulfilling, but you can save money since you aren’t having to purchase them at your local grocer or farmers market. It’s a win-win situation! If you have any desire to start your own herb garden, […]

Take A Hike at Prince William Forest Park

Adjacent to the Marine Corps Base Quantico lies Prince William Forest Park, a “measly” 17,000 acre natural area full of beauty and perfect for recreation. Not only is this park literally down the street from the installation, the National Park Service offers free passes for Active Duty Military (and dependents)! With 37 miles of hiking trails […]

Starting a Book Club in Your Community

I’d never contemplated joining or starting a book club until I heard Oprah talk so passionately about her’s–guilty. I’m not ashamed to admit it; I think it’s an awesome idea and opportunity to really open up the mind to other’s interpretations of a book. It’s almost like being back in Language Arts class…almost. If you […]

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